Guitar as Spacecar

by Guitar as Spacecar

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nat- vox
migz- gtr
brodie- drmz

thnx--->Billy and Terry from Buck Gooter, Chaz and Liza from The Nervous Ticks, Ethan (obvsly), AIDS Wolf, Paul Wheeler, Banned Books, Norfolk punx, Jesse O'Connor, every person whose couch we crashed on and everyone who helped us out/listened/had the love

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ethan Gensurowski at the snake pit.


released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Guitar as Spacecar Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Lumberjack Dracula
Break up the band, it sucked anyway.
Gun show
Track Name: A Dude Who Can Talk to Bugs
You and me, me and you
You will make, and I will too
I don't care if you approve
Deaths and dreams
Death, bad dreams
Feeling weird and making things
Wild zero
Stupid mad
Dust to dust and six to one
Crime or crazy, is it fun?
Track Name: Le' Unicorn Laser
Doe deer dream about big kill
Little town all sick and rotten
Kids wanted beer, but you wanted
To get to the heart of it with one foot out
Used to go to Harlem
Walk down, sell, make money
Track Name: Party in Chris' Room
I don't wanna be a creep
But there was that one time I ate the whole thing
A real cool dude, a real cool guy
Track Name: Babybat
Hell is far from here
Chase me out

Hang flowers on the walls for me
The memory will skip and break
Track Name: Jabroni Broski
Baby it's alright